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Patterson, David-web

Meet David Patterson, Associate Chief Nursing Officer–Cardiovascular and Surgical Services at SMH

WINTER 2021 Nursing wasn’t on David Patterson’s radar from the beginning. He graduated from high school and went straight into…
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Council, Kati-web

Wondering What a Gift to the Healthcare Foundation Can Do?
Ask a Stroke Patient.

Kati had a stroke at her gym. At the time, she couldn’t talk but she could think. She worried that…
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Wondering What a Gift to the Healthcare Foundation Can Do?
Ask a Trauma Patient.

A car crash changed high school athlete Jaelen’s life, forever. He endured life-threatening injuries requiring 17 surgeries and countless months…
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Wood, Nicole - web banner

Helping Establish a Genetic Counseling Program at SMH

FALL 2020 Genes play an important role in the development, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They can increase a person’s…
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Nurse in Hallway

Expanding SMH’s Oncology Nurse Navigation Program

WINTER 2020 Getting diagnosed with cancer can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Thanks to a $680,540 grant from Charles…
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Dr. Farhangi, Newtown

Supporting the SMH Internal Medicine Practice at Newtown

FALL 2019 Bright and early on a Monday morning, the Jean & Alfred Goldstein Health Center at Sarasota Memorial Internal…
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